CD Releases: April - May 2002 updated:15/04/2003


File Under: Nuphonic / Dance / Furniture
In the mid 1980's the Cappellini family furniture business was passed to Giulio Cappellini, son of the founder. Since then Guilo has steadily elevated Cappellini and it is now, without question, at the forefront of global contemporary design. Not a company for complacency, Capellini are continuing their push, with a new department in Harrods, a showroom in Paris and several other new stores in various stages of planning around the World. What’s this to do with music one asks? Well, move forward to Summer 2001, when Nuphonic were asked by interior design giants Cappellini to compile a compilation that reflected the diversity of their company and their products. No easy task, the end result is Cap One, the first in a series of compilations from Cappellini, designed to compliment their range of lifestyle products. The finished album, compiled by Nuphonic, features Airfix-style models of some of the most recognisable pieces of Cappellini furniture, which can be detached and kept. Not only that but inside the stylish box comes a CD, with music on it – crazy we know! The model took me 15.5 seconds to make and then destroy, the music lasted a full 13 tracks and includes gems from Tiefschwarz, Playgroup, Morgan Geist, Fug, Royksopp, Adam Goldstone, Koop, Nitin Sawhney, Gonzales & Peaches and more, plus it lasted well over my models 15.5 seconds… Not the cheapest package but well stylish and a cracking listen to boot! Impress ya architect mates and Wallpaper obsessed homeowners with your own Cappellini classic.


SOLA MONDAY The Swing Festival CD
File Under: New Zealand Music / Arclife
The debut record for Sola Monday has been a seven year project - began in December 1994 with Bryan Spittle (Mink, The Chills). During the 94/95 New Year festivities at the Entrain (now called the Gathering) dance event near Nelson Sola experienced her first "psychotic episode". She was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and travelled to the uk and spent most of 1995 living there with her mother. Upon her return work resumed and 23 basic tracks were layed down over the following 3 years. two "demo" versions of Fume and Swallow were completed during this time and both spent considerable time at the top of the Radio One Top 11 and the latter appeared on the first Arc compilation CD. During 1998 overdubbing began in earnest. The bulk of tracking was completed during December 98 and January 99, many musicians and instrumentalists from all over New Zealand contributed to the recordings from Bressa Creeting Cake through to Cloudboy and Julia Deans of Fur Patrol turns up on Swallow, at last count 22. Then began the editing process and CDRs were despatched off to Dale Cotton (HDU, Sola Rosa, Dimmer). in Auckland to begin final edits and mixdown. Dale subsequently moved to Dunedin during early spring '99 and Ed Mcwilliams and Craig Monk were flown down for another four days of tracking during September 99. Dale and Bryan then completed final edits and mixdown over the ensuing 6 months. Sola has continued to perform solo during recent years and with a band on a handful of occasions. This is a assured album features twelve well crafted songs which utilise numerous additional instruments (violin, piano, flute, double bass, organ, etc) to create a colourful and varied backdrop. Recommended.


GROOVE ASSASSINS Street Level Jams CD/2x12"
(Glasgow Underground)
File Under: Groove Assassins / Glasgow Underground / Dance
The Groove Assassins are Nik Moss and Will Hague. They first grabbed DJs attentions with their City Lights EP on Black Vinyl. Its cool cocktail of clever disco samples and sure-fire beats helped work the Assassins into the playlists of DJs like Milton Jackson (GUCD028) and Miguel Migs. From there they teamed up with long-standing Sheffield-based jock Steve Hutchinson (DJ Raw). Two singles on Glasgow Underground followed, with Street Level Jams the trio’s full-length debut. It is packed with styles and flavours of the steel city they grew up in. Kicking off with the soothing deep house of Basement Journeys and Housetrack, the sound diversifies into the electro-charged Street Level Jams and the Nightmares On Wax styled Trippin ‘On The Love. You can easily imagine Hague, Moss and
Hutchinson being drawn in to clubs by bands like LFO and the Forgemasters, still partying now at Chris Duckenfield’s Scuba and all the time chilling out afterwards to George Evelyn’s late night sample parties or maybe one of Warp’s more twisted sound-scapers. The mid-tempo seventies-styled Rize Up To The Funk marks a return to the dance floor where the album stays through to the finale. The sax-happy Breezin’ Out and the funky Deep Down Inside make way for Balance, a killer sub aquatic mover that has already been given heavy plays by Romanthony and Harri (Papa Washinton Trio – PAPCD015) @ the Sub Club in Glasgow.

AGENT K Feed The Cat CD/2x12"
(Laws Of Motion)
File Under: Dance / House
The eagerly awaited debut solo album from Kaidi TathamAgent K is Kaidi Tatham, the multi-instrumentalist and production wizard who has the key talent to emerge from the West London / Broken Beats / Nu-jazz scene, and is hailed as London's own Herbie Hancock. As a core member of Bugz in the Attic, Neon Phusion, and Likwid Bizkit (with I.G.Culture) he has added his infectious joyful style to over 150 records, plus serious amounts of collaborations with artists such as 4 Hero, New Sector Movements, Modaji, LTJ Bukem and Zed Bias / Maddslinky. As a live player he can transfer his wild, restless style from fender Rhodes to flute at the blink of an eye (with a quick jaunt over to the drum kits on the way!). So far he has given 'the Kaidi vibe’ to the bands of Mark de Clive-Lowe, The Herbaliser, Nathan Haines and Neon Phusion all over the world. As you can see, Kaidi is what they call 'a giver', a very generous chap…but Agent K is all his very own. Featuring the slamming singles Ladies and the much-heralded Betcha (Did) this builds layer after layer of madcap rhythms, silky baselines and soul-laden vocals (guests include Carleen Anderson, Vanessa Freeman, Izzi Dunn and Don Ricardo) into a truly unique and rich jazzy style. Ladies and gentlemen, these are Kaidi's tracks and Feed The Cat is his album… meowwwwwwwwwwwww.


PETER KING Shango CD/2x12"
(Afro Strut)
File Under: Afro Beat / Strut
Born in Nigeria Peter King is one of the few professional musicians in his homeland to have trained abroad (UK & US) only to return to his homeland to devote his life to teaching music. It whilst he was learning his art that Peter learnt that the traditional Highlife music of Nigeria could be fused with jazz. After he graduated in 1966 from Trinity College, he toured with his band The African Messagers, playing and recording variations of highlife and afro jazz. On return to his homeland the influences of, then, Westernised pop, rock and funk (particularly James Brown) had had a huge effect on the music being created there, which is evident on this re-mastered and re-issue of this album. It’s a fusion of fused up hard funk and jazz musicianship with Afro percussion and horn lines. The messages of the album are hard hitting to, calls for freedom in Africa, references to African history and the Yoruba history and religion. Watusi for example refers to the struggle for freedom and democracy in Angola during the 70’s. Album comes with extensive liner notes and the usual love and care one associates with Strut.


The Bastard is Back in stock
Statra Recordings

(Statra Recordings)
File Under: Denver McCarthy / Techno /NZ Music
An all encompassing Electronic Music album created with a colourful palate of styles and sounds. Denver's sound on Rise And Shine is quite unique. It kicks slick retro vibes with a lo-fi feel but still manages to come off with a very high quality in production and originality. Ranges from melodic mid-tempo techno to down-tempo Ambient House to full on funky Electro. A techno album done the way techno albums use to be done... no wonder really, Denver’s a Kiwi J .


(Statra Recordings)
File Under:
Harry is modern music's vibe merchant and he's got the goods. Harry has been a major force in underground music for close to two decades. As one of America's lead import buyers of electronic music for the past 10 years, Harry is responsible for the majority of North and South America's constant in and outflow of import 12" and CD's from all the major European markets. A true underground music maven and rock & roll hero in his own right, Harry is America's strongest link to electronic music from abroad. On Club H Harry shares with us his impeccable taste in House music, compiling in one great package, some of his favourite 12" tunes from such countries as France, UK, Norway, USA, Germany. The title Club H is the pseudonym for Harry's Chelsea flat where two times a month Harry and his choice mates meet up to share a few brews and listen to the hottest tunes available. What makes a Club H session such an infamous affair aside from a vinyl collection second to none is the endless guest list of industry insiders, world renowned artists, DJ's, and producers that have crossed the velvet rope into Harry's living room. For the first time ever, House music fans are invited to a Club H session of their own, but this time, they can come and go whenever they please


(Statra Recordings)
File Under:
Everybody back to Harry's!!!! Back in black and swinging his vinyl hatchet, good ole' HTB has once again compiled one of the best "True" House Music compilations of the year. Shortly over a year ago Harry The Bastard's Club H was released to an unsuspecting Electronic Dance Music public. Within a few months the album received the warmest welcome with the press, tons of DJ's, and House Music fans the world over. I suppose this can be attributed to a few things mainly that the songs were hand picked by one of the most passionate House Music devotee's around, they weren't chosen for their popularity, and because they are all truly timeless classics in the world of House Music. I suppose spending ten years and ten hours a day filling and walking the isles of a vinyl collection of close to four million 12" records has had quite an impact on this man.


(Statra Recordings)
File Under:
When the Jazz and Electronic music worlds meet Jeff Sharel is among the respected diplomats to show up!! His album is a fine contestant to this. His sound is rooted in the free spirited organics of traditional Jazz while cleverly built atop a foundation of electronic beats and rhythms. The feel of his songs sometime lean into World Music or even Afro-Beat flavors, but at once they can go into House and Dub without losing the plot.


JOESKI & ONIONZ Nu-York Nite:Life 2CD/3x12"
(NRK Sound Division)
File Under: NRK / Nite:Life / Dance
NRKMX09/VNRKMXV09 $27.95/29.95
"The ‘Nite:Life’ series continues its mission to supply quality mixes from the underground, with NRK functioning as the class swots. And this time everyone likes a smart arse." 4/5 Jockey Slut
"Perfect for creating that underground club vibe in your front room" 4/5 iDJ
New York duo, Joeski & Onionz, have completed their mixes for NRK's nite:life 09, The 6400 Crew members have mixed up a 74 minute selection each, on a double CD or for the vinyl junkies a unmixed triple pack. Though often lumped in with the San Francisco movement, this mix CD from New York's Joeski & Onionz is no strict West Coast affair; the tough edges and dubbed out tribalism of Joeski’s mix nicely compliments the more vocal and Latino vibe of Onionz’ selection. Both mixes reflect the eclecticism of New York’s current house scene and is a great introduction to the producers, labels & genres on offer over these two discs. A variety of worldwide talent appear on this wicked double CD, from Joey Negro (aka Akabu), Jon Cutler, Eddie Matos, Ron Trent, Mr G, Taka Boom, Ron Caroll and Blakkat. Joeski and Onoinz represent the new mood and era of a music (house) that has defied the critics and still stands out strong today on the worlds airwaves and dance floors and also your home.


VARIOUS All Tomorrow’s Parties 2.0 CD
(All Tomorrows Parties)
File Under: Shellac / ATP / Festivals
"There are three things in the world that I endorse, Abbey Road Studios, Nutter Butter Sandwich Cookies and All Tomorrow’s Parties" Steve Albini
All Tomrrow’s Parties is more than just a bunch of music bunged onto a CD and given a great name, it’s a music festival – one with a difference. Each time the festival is held a different band or artist is chosen to curate the festival and their preferred performers then get a chance to play at that festival. For the third All Tomorrow’s Parties held recently in the UK, NZ’s own HDU (Flying Nun) got the call up from curator Steve Albini of Shellac. As post festival hangovers clear and the audience, and those of us a little out of the way to attend, can play the imagination game with this CD compilation showcasing some of the acts that performed at the festival. With tracks from Shellac, Bonnie Prince Billy, The Fall, Rachel’s, Shipping News amongst the throng and of course HDU. A stunning compilation and fine souvenir for the virtual traveller/festival go’er.


FELIX DA HOUSECAT Excursions CD/2x12"
File Under: Felix / Dance
Felix Da Housecat returns with a mix album for Obsessive, continuing their Excursions series in fine style. Felix’s critically acclaimed and award winning album Kittenz and Thee Glitz (CITYROCK1CD) has gone down as one of last year’s best albums. Putting the Cat up there with the big league, Kittenz and Thee Glitz is now taking America by storm, picking up rave reviews in Rolling Stone (two months running!) and even the New York Times. Now it’s time for Felix Da Housecat to give us a slice of his dance floor expertise with this superb salvo for Obsessive. Excursions is is a proper charge of Felix’s dancefloor dynamite. Felix is one of Chicago’s favourite sons, and Excursions exhibits all the hallmarks of the rough and ready DJ’ing sound of the Windy City. Eighteen tracks are thrown in the mix. From the electro pop leanings of Ladytron to the relentless pummel of Jeff Mills and Bolz Bolz, via the unreleased forthcoming delights of Daniel Diamond’s Champu and a bevvy of slamming remixes from Felix himself, it’s a 74 minute joyride to every corner of the dancefloor. Forget your average dance music ‘journeys’, Felix has delivered the ingredient missing in most DJ mixes today. He has remembered to inject proceedings with a healthy dollop of FUN! For that he should be commended and is – highly recommended.


DJ CLIFFY Black Rio CD/2x12"
File Under: Brazilian / Latin / Funk / Soul
It's late '60s, early '70s Rio de Janeiro where, for a few glorious years in the sun-drenched ghettos, the sun, samba & funk fused in a heady mixture of afros, black power and huge funk parties catering to up to 10,000 people. This is the story of Brazil's most forgotten movement - Black Rio. Black Rio mirrored the struggles in North America, maintaining a particularly close link to the soul brothers in Harlem. Artists like Tim Maia and Toni Tornado drew from the US soul and funk of Motown, Stax and James Brown to create their own blend of 'soul brasileiro'. Black Rio is compiled and annotated by by sussed club selector DJ Cliffy, who makes a living uncovering this music and supplying it to dealers and who runs the Brazilian club Batmacumba at London's ICA. Package features extensive sleeve notes by Cliffy, rare photos, club flyers and memorabilia. Black Rio begins to contextualize the groove-dominated jams of artists such as Gerson King, Dom Salvador, Copa 7, Manito, União Black, Toni Tornado and Miguel de Deus, whose accomplishments have long been overlooked. But you don't need to be a musicologist to appreciate the primal pounding beauty of Grupo Arembepe's Iaia, Trio Mocoto's Nago or Orquestra e Coro's Kriola. Just make sure you got some floor space to get busy. Forget the cheap, but hilarious jokes of the Simpson’s clan on their recent Brazilian venture and if you thought a Brazilian needed wax, then you’re right – double 12" gatefold sleeve no less…


DAVID KILGOUR A Feather In The Engine CD
File Under: New Zealand Music / Arclife / The Clean
"This is more than indie rock heaven-this is real rock heaven" The New York Press
"a combination of sparkling acoustic and electric guitars and semi-electronic backings - with some of the grandest arrangements and most pop-direct songs Kilgour has committed to tape." Russell Baillie, NZ Herald
"It's the kind of album that compels you to push "play" again as soon as it is finished; the kind of album that grows ever more vital with each listen." The
It's that rare sort of just-about-perfect record that demands to be played over and over again. Magnet
"A wondrous listen that tosses jangling pop and psychedelia with such ease that you'd be forgiven for thinking he could do this in his sleep." All Music Guide
"A Feather in the Engine finds the leader of The Clean in fine form. With the same youthful exuberance he brought to post-punk, Kilgour tackles psyche with a wide-eyed, color-blast energy that's exciting." Static Multimedia
"Kilgour has managed to craft an album that unleashes a hefty dose of beauty on the world, and that's something we can always use." Pitchfork
The fifth full length solo album from the master of New Zealand pop music David Kilgour. A Feather in the Engine is a stunning collection of 13 songs including the infectiously catchy single and B.Net fave Today is Gonna be Mine. David is perhaps NZ’s most recognised musician, in January of 2001, David was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit, by her majesty, in recognition and in honour of his contributions to the arts and cultural heritage of New Zealand. Needless to say, David’s Mum was very, very proud. This is his best work yet — pure psychedelic pop bliss. David enlists the help of a variety of friends and fellow musicians, including long time collaborator Nick Roughan twisting the knobs behind the boards. Keyboards, and string arrangements (provided by fellow Kiwi icon Graeme Downes of The Verlaines) add to the vibe in spots, but it is David’s signature guitar that swirls and cascades, cementing his timeless melodies. So we encourage you to sit back, give a listen, and let David Kilgour sweep you away for a few seconds, or a few hours, or a few days. We assure you it will be time well spent. No gimmicks, no pretensions—like a feather in the engine indeed. Brilliant!


(1157 Records)
File Under: New Zealand Music / Punk
"An act of total class... you haven’t seen a punk rock show until you've seen this band."
Young up and coming west Auckland four piece band Missing Teeth have been playing together for just over a year now, starting out as a covers band they have progressed to playing their own originals and now release their debut album for local label 1157 Records. On their self-titled debut the lads serve up 16 tracks of hi-octane punk rock underscored and complimented with a healthy dose of ska. This however ain’t no generic West Coast Cali punk wanna be band, nah this is the real deal, fast and furious with a hint of violence, the lyrics are direct and short to the point as are their songs which are generally 2 minutes or less in length. The music is inspired from the Ska and Punk movement but with a definite New Zealand flavour as tracks like Double Brown show. Embarking on a North Island tour to support this release, its as good a album from a punk band you’ll find anywhere. See this month’s Real Groove starter for 10 for a hilarious insight on the band. Bloody Great!


TIGA & ZYNTHERIUS Sunglasses At Night CDS
(City Rockers)
"last record of the night at the haywire sessions for the last year – classic". Andrew Weatherall –
"In the words of XTC this is pure pop. Like it". Ashley Beedle –
"the sound of now … 10/10" Tom Middleton -
Licensed from DJ Hells International DeeJay Gigolos, this track has already been a huge top 20 hit in Germany and has just entered the UK charts in the top 20 as well! Tiga is a former club promoter from Montreal and opened the hugely respected SONA club in Montreal in 1996. Tiga started his own record label Turbo Recordings in 1998. DJ Hell heard this cover of Sunglasses at Night and snapped it up for Gigolo and then played it non stop at Berlin Love Parade last year, after which it rocketed into the German charts. The video has been co-directed by DJ Hell and features famous New York night life star Amanda Lepore. It has to be seen to be believed. On hearing Tiga + Zyntherius’s version of Sunglasses at Night the original writer of the track, Corey Hart, said - "You've butchered it but it still tasted good!" Features an exclusive TGV remix from Tiga himself and bonus track Sweet Sedation.


Arclife back catalogue

File Under: New Zealand Music / Arclife
"Testpot is at least one piece of evidence that Dunedin music is in safe hands." Critic
Best rock/pop release nomination 1999 NZ music awards.
Best new act nomination 1999 NZ music awards.
Best independent release nomination 1999 NZ music awards.


File Under: New Zealand Music / Arclife
"Jay Clarkson returns in fine form after a very long silence." Pavement magazine's Top Five of 1999
"simply, SIMPLY gorgeous! Nine songs of unassuming,casual beauty
." Chris Knox in Real Groove Nov 1999
Gentle, beautiful and dark folk-pop.


VARIOUS Flying Way To High CD
File Under: New Zealand Music / Arclife
"another fine audio snapshot of the vibrant musical scene that surrounds Arc Cafe in Dunedin." Pavement magazine June/July 2000
Best Independent Release nomination 2000 NZ music awards.
A strong compilation of current Dunedin music featuring tracks by Suka, Demarnia Llyod, Mestar, David Kilgour, Cloudboy and more.


File Under: New Zealand Music / Arclife
"Lloyd's feathery soprano whispering melodies of nursery-rhyme simplicity over tense, hand-stitched backings." The Listener May 20 2000
"The moody atmospheric tones and samples blend with the vocals and lyrics perfectly, to produce (in
spirit at least) the first Dunedin folk-goth amalgam project."
Real Groove June 2000
Mixed layers of harmonies over downbeat sample loops, from the singer of Cloudboy and Mink.


File Under: New Zealand Music / Arclife
"another fantastic compilation of Dunedin sounds from the arc stable." NZ Music Industry Commission.
Arc's fourth compilation of local music which reflects the diversity of the performances which take place within the cafe walls. Contributors include David Kilgour, Kitset, Mestar, Martin Phillipps, Mink, The Clean, Cloudboy, Suka, Jay Clarkson and many more. Also accompanied by a cook booklet containing recipes for some of the fine vegetarian/vegan food that Arc Café offers. A truly unique and beautiful package, you must own one!


LAUGHIN’ GAS The Red Sessions CD
File Under: New Zealand Music / Arclife
"optimistic, rhythmic, really pretty gorgeous" 4 1/2 stars, Rip It Up
"cool, classy and very accessible" Real Groove
The second album from long serving Dunedin electronic artist Laughin' Gas. Merging digital backing with live instrumentation, The Red Sessions crosses the boundaries of dub, dancehall, techno & hip-hop. A unique album which features guest appearances from Demarnia Lloyd, Sola Monday & Trinity K.


SUKA Dancing To Tibet CDEP
File Under: New Zealand Music / Arclife
A collection of four new songs from Dunedin's favourite noise rock band Suka. Dancing to Tibet was recorded late '99 / early '00 with Stephen Kilroy and Elliott Young and was produced with HDU's Dale Cotton. Dancing to Tibet reflects Suka at their best, with styles ranging from the dark, raw and melodic Kipiel to the beautiful, harmonics and backward laden guitars of Ebony Oriental to the straight out rock of Spitwinterspit.



(Global Underground)
File Under: Dave Seaman / Global Underground / Dance
There are many DJs who have enjoyed many column inches for shaping the phenomenon that is modern club culture. For some of these individuals, it was a question of right time, right place and with Dave Seaman everything slipped into place one night at Shelly's back in the late 20th Century… Is he Talented? Yes, Opportunistic? Definitely - and just a little bit lucky – lucky, lucky, lucky… From producing Kylie, The Pet Shop Boys and Take That; working alongside Garbage, Pulp, Placebo and Blur, Dave has developed into an international star outside of the dance music circles through which many fail to break. His DJ talents alongside his production work with partner Steve Anderson have been further honed as his profile has increased in size (check the life-sized Zerox for a Levi's advert in Japan and a BBC TV documentary on clubbing in Australia which Dave personally presented for proof). And of course, not forgetting his legendary Global Underground mixes… Ever since he first DJ’ed at the Palace Theatre in St Kilda in 1992, Dave Seaman has been coming back to Melbourne. "I feel so at home here. It's my favourite city in the world" he says. "He's like an adopted Aussie," grins promoter Mark James. Dave's even thinking of buying a flat here. "We can't get rid of him" jibes local DJ Kasey. GU can't seem to get rid of Dave either, and a good thing too as this, his latest GU mix is undoubtedly his best to date… Once you've let tracks like Our House's Soliton Wave - a balmy, slow-moving introduction that simmers with both tension and beauty - ease you onto Dave's musical roller coaster, there's no getting off. Seaman squeezes every inch of his skill into his Melbourne set to magically mix genres which don't normally talk to each other. From flighty flamenco to brutal breakbeats, this superlative mix whips you around the world in two CDs. It's the best mix Dave Seaman has ever done - which is fitting, because the party the mix was based on at the Good Shed, Melbourne is one of the best parties Global Underground has ever done…

VARIOUS Soma 10th Year Anthology 2CD
(Soma Recordings)
File Under: Dance / Soma
"after a decade at the top, Soma obviously aren’t afraid to show off their family heirlooms – but then when such artifacts include Daft Punk, Fun D’Void and Scott Grooves who are we to argue? Well it beats taking them to the antiques roadshow. 4/5 Muzik
Hand picked by the directors of Soma this album contains some of the best tracks from Soma’s 10 year history. Whilst 2001 was a massive year for the label….. what with, the huge album successes of Funk D’void’s Dos (SOMACD23), and Slam’s seminal Alien Radio (SOMACD25) have taken the label into the stratosphere. But let’s not forget their achievements to date, Soma 10 brings together some of the finest names and tunes that have helped to shape British (and the worlds) dance music over the last decade. Divided over two CD’s the tracks represent ten years of Soma. CD1 boots off in fine technoid acid style with Daft Punk’s second outing, Da Funk, followed by tracks from, amongst others, Funk D’Void, Slam, Percy X, Silicone Soul, Envoy with Skintrade who wade in with Andomraxxes bringing CD one to an end. CD2 has a house set feeling kicking off with Scott Grooves’ collaboration with the veteran Roy Ayers on Lonnie Listen Smith’s classic Expansions, through tracks from Rejuvination, Desert Storm, Maas, and two thirds of XPress 2 Ashley Beedle and Diesel as Human Arts with Big Sur Highway. The CD ends with the tune that started it all, Slam’s Eterna, still breathtaking and even more emotional after all these years, Congratulations Soma. 10 years young, and stronger than ever. Completely essential and damn fine to boot!


VARIOUS 45 Kings II CD/2x12"
(Fat City Recordings)
File Under: funk
These tracks from 1973 – 1977 Mark a revolutionary time in Black Music, new improved recording techniques and new styles and attitudes in American funky music. Fat beats, supersoul and discofied grooves for the feet, the head and the sampler. Here Fat City serve up the second helping in the 45 Kings series with a stunning array of tracks from artists such as Garry Davis, Reuben Howell, Cashmere, Truth and more. May the funk be with you….


FC KAHUNA Machine Says Yes CD/3x12"
(City Rockers)
File Under: FC Kahuna / Dance
"you have one of the dance albums of the year" 5/5 Album of the Month Jockey Slut
"To be crude this is a brilliant comeback, coming out of nowhere. ‘FC’ seems to stand for ‘Fucking Cool’ and if "machine Says Yes’ who are we to argue – yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" 4/5Muzik Mag
"Chill-out? Techno? Electro clash? Vague prog leanings? An unpredictable, underground dance album that sounds like premium grade Ecstasy? It’s not just the machines saying yes." 8/10 Ministry Mag
After capturing their own sound on various remixes (Luke Slater, Morel, Felix Da Housecat) Dan and Jon’s next step was to translate this to their own music. They gradually enlisted the talents of like-minded collaborators Hafdis Huld, formerly with Iceland’s Gus Gus, who sings on the icy swagger of the title track and the sensual Hayling. Eileen Rose, an American singer songwriter on Rough Trade who graces North Pole Transmission with her sensual vocal style and Si Jones, Verve alumnus ….. and Jon’s neighbour, who contributes his bass skills to a few tracks. Gruff Rhys, of Super Furry Animals, meanwhile contributes to Fear of Guitars with "a paranoid mantra about the state of air conditioning"! This album is a bold rejection of conventional dance music and mainstream clubbing. Machine Says Yes harks back to the early days of acid house whilst setting it’s sights firmly on the future. The artwork concept is based around the intrusive nature of marketing campaigns and giant billboards. It’s a statement on how much information we have thrust at us but a reminder that this is not the only information available. There is always an alternative for you. All of these ideas are encapsulated in FC Kahuna’s debut album and it’s title Machine says yes ………. So should you!


SEGUN BUCKNOR Poor Man Get Brother CD/2x12"
(Afro Strut)
File Under: Afro beat
Strut return to the Lagos archives with a definitive look at another of Nigeria's finest Afro-funk / Afro-soul pioneers and political commentators of the 1970s, keyboardist Segun Bucknor. Working around Nigeria during the '70s in the shadow of the great Fela Kuti, Bucknor's approach was intelligent and understated, varying between hard blasts of funk and extended, Afro jazz-based moods reflecting on Nigerian society with his bands the Assembly (1968 to 1970) and the Revolution (1970 to 1974). Bucknor's music was politically and socially aware with tracks like Son Of January 15th summing up life after the country's Civil War of the mid-60s, but equally covered relationships (Love & Affection, La La La) and messages to other bands of the time (Who Say I Tire). Musically adept and lyrically deep, this is some of the best and most accessible music to come out of 1970s Nigeria.


THICK DICK Tribal Seductions CD
File Under: House / Dance
"It is the most outrageously camp, flouncing drag queen of a record. As Barbara Windsor said to Sid James on numerous occasions, ‘Oohh, you are saucy’." 3/5 Jockey Slut
"All in all if you can handle the rude, sweary lyrics, its rather good." 4/5 iDJ
"It is indeed the sonic equivalent of hot liquid-slick body parts conjoining in every possible combination. So cum dancing." 4/5 Muzik Mag
"Considering this is the work of someone who’s remixed everyone from Michael Jackosn to, ermm, INXS, Tribal Seduction is a masterclass in dark synth loops and pounding perfect beats. Ooooh, aah, mmm, oh yeeeaaah." 7/10 Ministry Mag
Hard n' housey and x-rated at times, the Thick Dick album includes rude highlights such as Orgasm and I Want…, alongside more traditional Chi-Town house flavas like Touch the Sky and Insatiable. As one of the music's industry's highest rated producers and remixers Grammy Nominated E-Smoove has worked with Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Pet Shop Boys and Mary J bilge to name just a few. With a serious R n' B and dance music pedigree, E- Smoove’s raw new sound is bound to catch the eyes and ears of music fans ranging from underground club goers to the urban music aficionado. An insatiable love of sound fueling his astounding diversity, E Smoove unleashes his darker and more experimental side on the Thick Dick album debut. The album is completely arranged by Erick Morillo, who also adds some additional production. Tribal Seductions - a full length album of original productions which has been mixed to create a seamless flow of sensational new dance music. This house music at its dark and dirty best.


VARIOUS Disco (Not Disco) 2 CD/2x12"
(Strut Records)
File Under: disco / Strut / Joey Negro
The discotheque may be a palace of pleasure and release from the stress of modern life, but it also provides a forum for cutting edge sounds, the dancefloor being a blank canvas on which the DJ paints a picture with music. The great DJ pioneers always sought to spice the mix with cuts from the leftfield, keeping the selection vital with grooves that didn’t necessarily conform to the accepted notions of dance music. They also instinctively understood the concept of viewing a DJ set as a spiritual journey, an exploration, as opposed to a routine trawl through the hits of the moment. Which brings us to Disco Not Disco, a series of fascinating investigations into New York’s downtown scene of the late 70s and early 80s, when post-punk sounds injected verve and innovation into club land. Dave Lee, aka Joey Negro, has compiled this second in the Disco (Not Disco) album series for Strut Records (Vol 1 - STRUTCD008). Disco (Not Disco) 2 has been put together by Lee and fellow disco-phile Sean P, and continues to explore the key post-punk disco anthems of the late 70s. With contributions from Laid Back, Yello, Can, The Clash (yes the Clash!), Connie Case and more. Both formats include extensive liner notes and all the care and love we have come to expect and adore Strut for. Because we love the nightlife, we’ve got to boogie…


ONENESS OF JUJU African Rhythms 2CD/3x12"
File Under: Afro Beat / Strut
Strut hook up with Stateside black jazz label Black Fire for a definitive retrospective of one of the most groundbreaking Afro funk/spiritual jazz groups of all time, Oneness Of Juju. Best known for the Larry Levan mixed Every Way But Loose and the rare groove anthems African Rhythms and River Luv Rite, Oneness were one of the first bands to successfully fuse elements of avant garde jazz, funk and touches of Sun Ra cosmology, all topped with the powerhouse jazz vocals and messages of Eka Ete Jackie Lewis. From their early politically motivated hard jazz / Afro percussion work on the legendary Strata East label in 1973, Oneness moved to Richmond, Virginia and got funky from 1975 with their African Rhythms and Space Jungle Luv albums. Using layers of Afro percussion and beautiful jazz melodies, the albums were masterpieces and have been collectors' favourites for years. From then, the band's label, Black Fire, struggled with the costs of releasing the records and the unreleased tapes built up at a time when Oneness were at their creative peak in 1977-8. Their next released album was in 1982, the Every Way But Loose set, signed to Sutra, which gave the band their first commercial crossover success. In conjunction with bandleader J. Plunky Branch, Strut present the definitive Oneness Of Juju collection. Spanning their career from 1970 to 1982, the album features all of their classic recordings, early and rare black poetry pieces, solo recordings from Oneness band members and a host of previously unreleased work from the heavyweight archives of Black Fire Records.


THE ORB REMIX PROJECT Auntie Aubreys Excursions 2 2CD
Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty Pt 2 collects together some of Dr LX Paterson's finest remix jaunts over two CDs, including the epic reinterpretation of Primal Screams Higher Than The Sun and the preposterous dub clash featuring Robbie Williams and the Orb which was only previously available on a Bee Gee’s tribute compilation. Formed way back in the dim and distant hazy days of acid house in the late 80s, the Orb, initially Alex, KLF’er Jimmy Cauty and Youth, developed a unique, and at the time revolutionary, blend of languid beats, spluttered obscure samples, and distant rumbles of sound. Taking in along the way a host of co conspirators (Thrash, Thomas Fehlmann), a number one album, floating sheep above Battersea power station, sold out shows at The Royal Albert Hall, games of chess on Top of the Pops and a record breaking single (check the Guinness Book of records if you don't believe us) the Orb have remained one of the most enigmatic, influential, revolutionary and down right cantankerous bands in the history of electronic music. This double CD set includes remixes of tracks by KLF, Art Of Noise, Tubeway Army, Can, The Grid, Tangerine Dream, Mindless Drug Hoover, Robbie Williams and heaps more.


VARIOUS Procreation CD/2x12"
Procreation has been organising parties in the Midlands since 1997. After a number of years at the now legendary Que Club they have now settled into a successful monthly residency at the Medicine Bar (at the Custard Factory in Birmingham). Regular guests from the quality end of the house scene include DJ's and PA's from Classic, 20:20 Vision, Drop Music, Paper, DIY, Smokescreen, Rob Mello, Cyril K, Luke Solomon and Andy Weatherall. With this, the first official release on the Procreation Music label they have put together a collection of brand new exclusive tracks featuring the best of the Midlands ever-expanding crew of deep house DJ's & producers. Featuring tracks from Inland Knights, Digs Woosh & Da Kik Squad, Frankie Valley, Disco Pigs, Rosa Garcia and more.


VARIOUS Brazilian Love Affair 3 CD
(Far Out)
Far Out Recordings is proud to present the third volume of Brazilian Love Affair, a musical snapshot of the coolest, most crucial new music coming out of brazil!! An exotic cocktail of old masters, including some of the original innovators of samba and bossa nova, mixed with the freshest new talent emerging from Brazil’s thriving urban scene. The perfect sun-drenched chill out soundtrack! With tracks from Otto, Nina & Chris, Os Ipanemas Feat. Jorge Helder, Max De Castro, Jairzinho Oliveira, Los Ladrones, Azymuth, Luciana Mello, Jairzinho Oliveira, Grupo Batuque, Friends From Rio 2, Comanche’s Groove Band. Dig it!


CARRIAGE H Power Of Grey Skull CDEP
(Turbine Records)
"all aboard with an exciting new New Zealand band"
"explosive and original..... they perform a noisy abstract form of three-piece rock, full of swells and dynamics , but without the element of shoe-gazing and pretension that usually goes with it." Pulp
"These young sonic minstrels work hard, play hard and have the drive and ambition necessary for and up and coming major NZ act" Rip It Up
Carriage H have been stirring up a bit of interest lately - not surprising really, they are the current Rockquest champions plus they've made an impact on the live scene this past year - whether it's freaking out Zed's crowd in Invercargill, rising to the occasion on North Island support tours with both Dimmer and HDU, or living up to their best new band status in their hometown Dunedin. Since forming in 2000, the three teenagers have also played 'round with recording, with tracks featuring on various compilations like Antenna's Starf*&&#!s. However the ball really starting to roll in December of last year when they headed into York St Studios (a rock quest prize) with Dale Cotton (HDU, Sola Rosa, Dimmer, Mestar). The result, a 5- track Power Of Grey Skull, a limited edition EP (500 only). An album will follow towards the end of the year - in July Carriage H will take Dale, a portable studio, and woollen mittens into the wintery-est of them all, Central Otago for some more recording that should be interesting...... I reckon they should have opted for Hawaii. We at in music advise snapping this baby up right now – for good music doesn’t require a specific month!


JUSTIN HARRIS Some More Freaky Stuff CD
(Music For Freaks)
"Seamless mixing is nothing to be sniffed at, plus all 17 tracks have been selected with the same amount of love and passion that marked their conception. Come to mamma!" 4/5 Jockey Slut
This is the first in a series of mixed CD’s on Music For Freaks, and what better way to kick the series off with a bang than to have one half of those formidable Freaks, Justin Harris. Some Freaky Stuff - Home Taping is Killing Music, is a truly awesome album mixed by a stalwart of the UK House scene. Justin, alongside Luke Solomon forms the inimitable Freaks, who recently released a mini album Meanwhile, back at the disco (MFFCD003), and are set to release their third album in the mid 2002. Justin’s DJ career began in 1987, when he was resident at the infamous Kevs House, in Bournemouth, UK. Since those early illustrious years of Acid House Justin’s DJ career has seen him play as far a field as Moscow, Chicago and Barcelona. At present Justin often DJ's at Space (Kenny Hawkes and Luke Solomon’s legendary House Night at Bar Rhumba in London), and also regularly plays The End in the London, as well as Skansen in Oslo, The Rex and Batofar in Paris and Fuse in Belgium. Justin’s DJ mix blends sublime dubby house with esoteric vocal tracks to produce a beautifully crafted set that will appeal to the most ardent house fans amongst us as well as those who simply appreciate all forms of quality dance music. From the eerie opening Jean Caffeine track through to the sublime poptastic Turner to the jackin Serg Serg by DJ Onionz, Justin’s mix effortlessly builds into a hypnotic, funky-ass groove. The tracks flow together like the missing pieces in a deep house jigsaw, from the Balearic infused Julius Papp, to the Norwegian house gem of Slow Supreme, and the acidic Lack Of Dub by Doc Martin and Tony Hewitt; the mix has been executed with such inimitable style and grace it’s perfect for every home!


VARIOUS City Rockers Presents Futurism 2CD
(City Rockers)
File under:
City Rockers presents Futurism.. a crash course in everything you wanted to know about the scene and sound that is grabbing headlines in 2002. Futurism is a genre defining double album focusing on the most exciting electronic music currently being made on planet earth. This fabulous release features tracks taken from Gigolo, Kitty-Yo, Bpitch, Cheap and City Rockers. The album features current underground hits from Felix da Housecat, Rob Mello and Adult, future hits from FC Kahuna, Fischerspooner, Green Velvet and Tok Tok, Scene creating classics from Peaches, Zombie Nation and Chicks on Speed. Rare and in demand collectibles by Tim Bukto and Dexter and an unreleased sample of the new work from Alpine Stars. Futurism comes in a vibrant pink box and is probably far too trendy by half. Highly recommended!


AIM No Restriction CDS/12"
(Grand Central Records)
Aim, Andy Turner, releases the single No Restriction, taken from the album Hinterland (GCCD112), and featuring US rappers Souls Of Mischief. The album debuted at No. 1 in the UK Dance charts, No. 4 in the Indie Chart and No. 47 in the UK National Album Chart. Souls Of Mischief travelled to Manchester to perform live at the Hinterland launch event in February and showed why they are firmly placed amongst the heavy hitters of hip hop vocal teams. The single also includes a killer mix by the Nextmen – whose work has graced Grand Central output in the past – and who have really delivered the goods again with a beats heavy floor pounder of a groove. Mag is a brand new Aim track exclusive to this release. A bouncing double bass line, a crisp break and horn blasts – Aimed squarely at the dancefloor, take Aim…. Fire.


HERBERT Second Hand Sounds 2CD/3x12"
File Under: Herbert /Dance
"As sensual as it is intellectual" 3/5 Muzik
With ten or so years writing and recording behind him Mathew Herbert has built an impressive body of work. His recordings for such labels as Clear, Phono and his recent and highly successful album Bodily Functions for the !K7 label have given him a near mythical status. With this reputation comes a demand for his sound, and that means a hell of a lot of remix work. Gathered together here are some of his best, most sought after mixes and even a couple of previously unreleased ones. And the pedigree of the musicians who sought mixes by Mathew is not to be sniffed at. Bjork, Serge Gainsbourg, Moloko, Blaze, Recloose, Louie Austin are just a few of the names here. With a total of 25 mixes across a double CD digi pack & the vinyl release split in to 2 separate triple packs (second one to come), this is the most extensive, comprehensive catalogue of Mathew's undeniable remixing talents. Due to the diversity of his work Mathew's music has an already strong fan base in both the house and electronica scenes, therefore the demand for this release, much of which has never been on CD before should be high. A stunning package, lap it up.


JERSEY STREET After The Rain CD/2x12"
(Glasgow Underground)
File Under: Glasgow Underground / House / Dance / Chilled
"Excellent!" Larry Heard
"Uproariously life-affirming" URB, USA
"Forget sampling Nina Simone, lap this baby up" 4/5 Jockey Slut
"….Dawn Zee is surely a star in the making" Sleaze Nation
Jersey Street are Neil Reid, Dawn Zee & Matt Steele, Neil’s background is in production, a skill he worked on running Ruffcut, a tough British house imprint favoured by the likes of Terry Farley and Roger Sanchez. Matt is the keyboard player, a classic jazz and Latin musician whose finger-work is such he has just completed a tour with Errol Brown and once supported the Spice Girls at Wembley. Dawn is the vocalist, her distinctive voice the perfect accompaniment for Neil and Matt’s earthy grooves. She’s been recording and touring with New Order featuring on their new album Get Ready and their world-wide hit 12" Crystal. Together they concoct a fusion of jazz, house, afro and r&b that has sparked attention from DJs and music fans across the board. The sound is varied - jazz house, soul influenced, afro-house and broken beats. After The Rain is a real step up from their first album Into The Light. From the opening bars of Always Something Wrong it’s obvious that this long-player is a more serious song-writing adventure. Check the Down-tempo delights of I Travelled The World for a perfect sun-soaked anthem. Add to that the soul weekender classic-in-the-making of Rhythm Of Love and smoky jazz songs like When Lovers Meet and we are dealing with an album of considerable character. Excellent.


BLOCK 16 Morning Sun Remixed CD
File Under:
Block 16 are, studio maestro Raj Gupta, keyboard genius Pete Zivkovic and vinyl addict Glen Gunner all of whom have already asserted themselves as key contributors to the dance music scene over the last decade. Here you will find the sublime vocal tracks and percussive instrumentals from their debut Morning Sun remixed by some of todays most respected producers. Amongst the delights on offer are the joyous My Sunshine, which was the last recording by the legendary Bim Sherman before his untimely death, gets the percussive treatment from San Franciscan maestros, Dubtribe whilst Tony Assassin explores the more dubwise feel of Bim’s vocal. Ray Mang & Xavier Zübercock keep Robert Owens unique vocals for their mix of Can’t Stop and turn it into a late night dancefloor house killer. Electrokution, is turned on its head by Brennan Green and Daniel Wang who extend the original to almost 14 minutes and incorporate moments of electro, dub and rock in this epic evolusive mix. Morning Sun which features the voice of soul legend, Jon Lucien is crafted into a piece of essential dancefloor exuberance by French deep house don, Pépé Bradock. An immaculate collection.


(Matador Records)
File Under: Richard Hell / Bank Generation / Classic Punk Rock
Double CD collection from Richard Hell, one of the most original and influential voices in American rock’n’roll. Credited by many as one of the originators of the punk movement, songs such as Blank Generation, Love Comes In Spurts, The Kid With The Replaceable Head, and Time are amongst the finest of that or any other era. The first Voidoids album, Blank Generation (Sire, 1977) has been cited more times than we can count as one of the most influential of its time. The first disc in this double CD release disc consists of an expanded version of ROIR’s cassette-only R.I.P. collection, featuring never-before-heard studio material. The second consists of two fearsome concerts never before released one from London in 1977 and the other at CBGB in 1978. While these live recordings are undoubtedly raw, the performances are absolutely scorching — the line up of Hell, Robert Quine, Marc Bell (aka Marky Ramone) and Ivan Julian delivering the goods in ways we can only fantasize about 23 years later. This double CD comes with extensive liner notes written by Richard himself and many unpublished pictures.


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